The 8 Mistakes Businesses Make In Designing A Brochure

Have you created your first brochure to showcase your business and offer prospective clients a chance to get to know you? If so, look at our list of top mistakes made by business owners and decide whether it might need a bit of a makeover (and congratulations if you have successfully avoided all of these!). If you are about to design and print your first brochure, read carefully and learn from other’s mistakes to make the best of your budget and objectives.

1. Too much text – brochures are meant to be brief introductions, not detailed outlines. If you have spared images, colors, and shapes in favour of long passages, protracted headlines, complex jargon words and endless lists or elaborate descriptions, your brochure is failing to pinpoint the essential, grab the attention and interest the reader.

2. Too many colors – using bright, contrasting colors is essential for the aesthetic quality of your brochure. In this sense, dark blue text on a black background just doesn’t make for an easy read. Make sure you stick to your brand’s specific colors as well. This makes the brochure identifiable with your company or product and complements your marketing efforts.

3. Too many pictures – images are good. In fact, they should be the main focus of your brochure. An attractive image that is clear, bright and professional is your best chance of catching a reader’s attention. Too many images or too detailed ones may pull the focus off your main point.

4. Poor choice of material – it is a shame to produce a great design and ruin it with flimsy paper or an unprofessional printer service. Browse in your industry forums or talk to a fellow business owner with good experience.

5. Irrelevant content – it is natural to try to make your brochure more appealing by sticking an image of an attractive woman or a cute pet, but this might not ring the right bell with your potential customer. We are not saying that you should have a bland picture of your product either, but rather an illustration to your concept or message.

6. No call to action – you have provided all necessary information to the brochure’s reader, but so what? There is probably a ton of similar information from your competitors out there and unless you are the only business in town, it is a good idea to include a special incentive for the customer, such as a free visit, a discount code, a complementary product or service, etc.

7. Ineffective font – we are lazy readers, especially when it comes to marketing materials. If it’s not easy to read it, we will simply drop it. Use large enough, easy to read fonts that are aligned with your brand as well.

8. No contact information – you have given your brochure your all – a catchy title, a lovely image, a short and easy to read text, a call-to-action, a beautiful glossy finish and no means for the client to reach back to you. Contact information should be conveniently placed and offer more than one method of reaching out.

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Copper cookware has begun forming one of the very important kitchen utensils all over the world on account of its ability to handle food in a better way than other utensils. They have really taken the culinary world by storm with the host of benefits that they provide and the ease with which they can be used.

But, according to the copper cookware set review, in order to keep the copper utensils as good as the ones just bought from the market and to ensure that they keep performing in a proper manner for a long time, it is extremely important to care for them and maintain them using the proper techniques that can help to ensure that the damage and the wear of the cookware can be reduced to a minimum amount.

Here are some important tips that can help you maintain the copper cookware that you have in your homes:-

• While washing the copper utensils, the copper cookware set review strictly dissuades the users from putting them in a dishwasher and recommends washing by hand. In that case too, it should be taken care that no scrubs etc. are used on the copper surface of the utensil.

• Only hot soapy water is recommended for washing the copper dishes.

• The copper cookware, after washing, should never be allowed to air-dry. In fact, a soft cloth drying process immediately after washing them will be more suitable for the nature of the copper utensils.

• Go for regular polishing to keep the copper’s dazzle unaffected. There are various kinds of copper polishes available in the market. According to copper cookware set review, a small amount on a soft cloth, when rubbed against the utensil will ensure that all the stains etc. collected over time are gotten rid off.

• The lining of the copper utensils gradually wears off after a certain span of time. Hence, it is absolutely necessary that it is replaced when the need be. Cooking without the lining of the utensil intact is absolutely not recommended by the copper cookware set review.

• In case a sticky kind of grease gets stuck to the copper surface of the utensil, it should be soaked in hot water and the opaque grease should be wiped off with a sponge to ensure that the shiny surface below it can be exposed. The small surfaces like handles etc. should be cleaned by means of a baby toothbrush

• In case the copper pots and pans get all tarnished and black after a frying session, the key to getting them cleaned is scrubbing using a lemon juice and salt solution. This will help get rid of the tarnish as much as possible.

• Never stir the food with any type of abrasive utensil that can mar the metal in any way. Instead, stick to the varieties recommended by the copper cookware set review that are not so hard on the utensil surface.

• The hot and humid environment that is often present in the kitchens can lead to the discolouration of the copper surface. To avoid it, ensure that the storage is done in an area that is as dry, moisture-free and as cool as possible.

• Never try to preheat the copper vessels as it can lead to a compromise in the integrity of the copper surface and damage it over a span of a number of uses.

Thus, all the utensils need some attention in order to keep them almost as good as the new ones and that is why, it is very important to maintain and care for them in the best possible way, as recommended by the copper cookware set review to ensure that the utensils can adorn your kitchen for a long time to come.

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Providing Comfort for your Dogs

Looking out for of your dogs is not an easy thing to do especially when we talk about their “potty” time. Traditional litter boxes are you usually seen to be for cats. This idea is not correct; dogs do can utilize a litter box and be benefited by the luxury it brings to the homeowners and your dogs as well. Training dogs to use a litter box may take a while but the results are worth it. The comfort of the dogs of not going outside to relieve themselves will be just a step away with when you purchase a litter box. Nowadays, litter boxes can be incorporated within furniture to save space in your home. There are local shops and even online stores that sell litter box- furniture set. Make sure to check litter box furniture review to know the functionality of the furniture with the litter box.


Reading a litter box furniture review can make homeowners learn more about the proper training for dogs in order to use the litter box. Providing dogs with that accessible place to relieve themselves can help avoid pets having bladder infections like humans do. The efficiency of finding a grassy or a soil texture within the indoors of the house can be provided to the dog especially when there is a bad weather waiting outside. The choice for the best litter box for your pet dog can be broken down into the functionality, aesthetics, and durability. Its compatibility with the furniture it is encased is also a factor you should examine.


Browsing a litter box furniture review can somehow clear up some things in your mind in the selection of the litter box. Actually, beginners for this type of treatment for dog have still a lot of questions in their minds. Let us try to answer some of that common questions being asked. Can we really train a dog to use a litter box? Definitely, although the degree of difficulty in training increases with the dog’s age. Plus, smaller dogs can be trained that easily because of its small bladders and that they frequently release some of their wastes in a place they deem to be right like the litter box. What are the things I need? Well of course, you need to have a litter box. Whether it is a stand-alone litter box or a litter box furniture, both are equally functional for dogs. It is important to start with a bigger litter box.


Having time to read a litter box furniture review can make you some realizations along the way about the experiences that have been undergone by other beginners as well. Purchasing a filler is also important like pee pads and papers. Some uses scooping to remove the waste. Be creative in using the scoop or other devices in removing the waste out of the litter box. What are ways to maintain and clean my litter box? It is important to maintain the litter box as germ-free as possible. Purchase a lot of cleaning supplies like brooms and mops. Paper towels and disinfectants should also be prepared alongside. Provide the best for your beloved dogs by giving them the comfort they need when they relieve themselves. Moreover, as what they say, dogs are a man’s best friend. Thus, maintain that relationship by providing that luxury they need indoors.


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